New York-based creative agency Adolescent turned a pastiche of photographs, archival footage and news-clippings into an elegant main title sequence for ESPN’s documentary series The Captain.

The Captain, which is the well-known nickname for New York Yankees’ all-star shortstop Derek Jeter, is directed and produced by Emmy-winner Randy Wilkins. Spike Lee executive produces.

“We set out on a journey to discover the man behind the iconic Yankees number-2 jersey,” said Wilkins in a statement. “The series gives insight into a Hall of Fame baseball career, but more importantly, we reveal a person who sits at multiple intersections of American culture. The Captain is a story about race, media, celebrity culture and the insatiable drive to be the best version of yourself.”

According to Adolescent: “For the main title treatment, we wanted to focus on Derek’s entire life to date, something that can resonate for each episode. We were provided layers and layers of great source material, allowing each scene to be custom treated, revealing different aspects of Derek’s journey.

“We loved the idea of a silhouette, starting off with seeing just the figure, but as the sequence progresses, the viewer gets to see more of him, as you see more of his life.

“The treatment also includes some baseball chalk line transitions, accents of New York Yankees colors, amongst other things to make it very custom for both ESPN and Derek.”

The seven-part series is now streaming on ESPN Plus, through episode four with new episodes premiering Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN and ESPN Plus.


Client: ESPN

Director, Producer: Randy Wilkins

Producer: Alex Cirillo, Gabe Honig

Original Music: Jonathan Altman

Agency: Adolescent

Creative Director: Man-Wai Cheung, Mina Muto

Producer: Turner Poth

Art Director: Akira Terabe

Designer:Joe Lawerence

Animator: Sagour Biswas

Designers/Animators: I-Ting Kao, Amelia Dempsey, Sam Feske

Design Assistant: Fei-Chen Wang

Production Assistant: Greta Westcott

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