At the height of football season, Los Angeles-based music production library Alibi Music has introduced a new sports-focused hip-hop collection for producers searching for confident tracks to accompany their sports spots.

The album was composed and produced by Chuck Creese, who worked closely with rappers The Audible Doctor, Keybeaux and Lil Rome to bring “Sports Hip Hop” to life.

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“All three of them brought something different to the table,” said Creese in a statement. “What I really like about The Audible Doctor’s style is that he is through-and-through hip hop! He has the perfect style for old-school hip hop, but can also do more modern hip hop/trap. Good examples of this can be heard on the tracks ‘Orchestra of Your Ending’ and ‘Ignition,’ which turned out to be my favorite track on this album.”

Creese turned to Keybeaux for his charisma, expressive vocals and adaptive ability to flow through various genres.

“Keybeaux has an extremely good ear for recognising lyrical content that fits the feel of the track,” Creese said. “A good example of this would be for the track ‘Adrenaline.’ When creating the music for this, I envisioned a close-up of someone running with sweat and grit on their face, but never stopping, like a juggernaut. Keybeaux came back with lyrics based around the feel of what was intended for this track—high energy and full of adrenaline.”

Alibi then introduced Creese to up-and-coming vocalist Lil Rome.

“This allowed me to add another new dynamic to the album, which was more of a modern and current sound, as well as an essence of swagger and attitude to the tracks. That was a key ingredient this album needed a lot of, and Rome slotted into that role absolutely perfectly,” Creese said.

“Sports Hip Hop” can accompany sports promos, commercials and e-sports events, as well as high-octane action trailers.

In addition to “Sports Hip Hop,” Alibi Music offers playlists for The Big Game and the College Bowl Games.

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