Los Angeles and London-based Alibi Music has dropped 10 new albums of production music spanning a wide range of genres from viral vamps to epic Eastern to lo-fi indie groves and more.

The new collections were created with the diverse needs of today’s content editors in mind, whether they’re working on the latest TikTok challenge, blockbuster film trailer, high-tech ad campaign or historical documentary. Include in each are specially structured tracks with natural starts, edit points and builds, as well as stems, alt versions and cut-downs to allow editors to customize the music to their project’s needs.

Included in the lineup are:

Viral Vamps – A collection of energetic pop cues with strong electronic and hip hop overtones designed for viral videos, challenges and dance crazes on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Epic Eastern – A heroic and triumphant collection of trailer and cinematic cues drawing influence from the sounds of East Asia. These building and evolving arrangements are perfect for trailers, fantasy adventure films, historical documentaries and sporting events.

Lo-Fi Indie Grooves – A laid-back collection of jams with a cool, confident attitude. This unique blend of driving energy and blissed-out atmospheres are ideal for high-fashion and technology ad campaigns, indie films, travel and world documentaries.

60s Cinema – A slice of cinematic nostalgia taking inspiration from iconic TV and film from the 1960s and ideal for productions calling for far out grooves, wild go-go style pop rock or sophisticated international spy vibes.

Rhythmic Jazz Grooves – A tribute to most timeless jazz classics from the likes of Nina Simone and Dave Brubeck, with organic elements such as hand claps, finger snaps and clicks.

Dark Comedy – A dramatic collection of darkly comedic orchestral cues that make it perfect for everything from true crime, tp murder mystery and epic fantasy adventure.

Harpsichord Masterpieces – A collection of refined harpsichord works inspired by the Baroque and Renaissance ersa. Each track consists of a solo virtuoso performance suited for historical docs, period dramas and more.

Soul Funk 2 – Another collection of groovy tracks full of staccato horns, chicken-scratching wah guitars, clavinets and slap bass. Perfect for comedy, game shows, diegetic music in retro films and more.

Vintage 50s – A trip down memory lane, each of these albums – Vintage 50s Male and Vintage 50s Female – features 15 nostalgic 1950s pop songs.

Alibi production music has been used in such recent projects as Marvel Studios: Assembled – The Making of ‘Wandavision,’ the official game trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 3 and several segment themes for Fox’s reality competition series The Masked Singer, among others.

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