To promote Amazon Prime Video’s new original stand-up comedy specials, Brooklyn-based creative studio And/Or compiled a clips-based campaign featuring some of the comics’ best jokes.​

Comics on offer include Jim Gaffigan, Alice Wetterlund, Mike E. Winfield, Alonzo Bodden and wine-drinking duo Jen Smedley and Kristin Hensley of #IMomSoHard. Spots included the above multi-comic prom as well as individual spotlights.

Jim Gaffigan

Alice Wetterlund

And/Or created key art, trailers and multiple social spots featuring cowboy hats, fart jokes, and the comics riffing with a deadpan Alexa. They also unified the platform with an illustrative, colorful visual system and a tagline: “Stand-Up Has Arrived.”

“We all felt that the image of a ‘comic on a dark stage holding a mic’ was a bit overused, so we came up with a color and titling system that works for current and future specials,” said And/Or Creative Director Kelli Miller in a statement. “We also had to consider how the visual system could hold up on everything from short, off-the-cuff social spots to hardworking formats on the Prime Video homepage and across the rest of their assets.”

In addition to creating the official trailers for each comic’s special and a multi-comic spot to announce the new comedy offering, And/Or helped develop ideas for social spots that featured the comics riffing with Alexa to promote their specials.

#IMomSoHard + Alexa

Alonzo Bodden + Alexa

“Stand-up comedians are naturally funny…but so is Alexa,” said And/Or Creative Director Kendra Eash, also in a statement. “We had fun with the idea of real comedians pushing Alexa and her dad jokes out of the comedy spotlight.”

Amazon Prime Video’s new original comedy specials launched on the platform Friday, Aug. 23.

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