On March 25, entertainment professionals from around the world will find themselves in one beautiful, central location for the Promax Europe 2019 Conference —Amsterdam.

Beurs van Berlage will be the host of the entertainment marketing conference and awards show, located in the heart of the capital city.

Amsterdam offers a plethora of sights to see and enjoy, making it the perfect destination for the two-day summit. Whether you’re arriving in the city days before the conference or will be extending your stay, make the most of your time and see what this charming city is all about.

March in Full Bloom

Keukenhof Gardens

[Photo from Klook]
[Photo from Klook]

Opening March 21, just four days before the conference, the Keukenhof Gardens will offer beautiful sights of multi-colored tulips in full bloom. From March 23-24, take in the sights and scents of more than 7 million flowers as you enjoy The Sounds of Holland, a special event featuring Dutch organs, choirs, and marching bands.

Amsterdam Flower Market

Just a 15-minute walk from the conference center, The Amsterdam Flower Market is the only floating flower market in the world. This marketplace is a throwback to an older era when flowers and plants were shipped into Amsterdam to be sold by barges and ships, giving you a taste of history. Best of all, you can buy your favorite flowers to adorn your hotel room or have them exported to enjoy at home.

Rare Sights to See

Open Tower Day 2019

Occurring only one day a year, Open Tower Day is the perfect opportunity to view Amsterdam’s skyline from historical and contemporary towers around the city. The public is rarely able to experience the special views from these monumental towers and this year’s city-wide event is on March 23.

Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is world famous for its hundreds of beautiful canals throughout the city. Rent a boat and enjoy a guided tour as a relaxing way to view the tree-lined belt of canals and traditional Dutch architecture.

The Royal Palace

[Photo from The Royal Palace]
[Photo from The Royal Palace]

Based on the architecture of ancient Rome, The Royal Palace serves as one of the residences for King Willem II and is an unforgettable sight to see. The palace is open to guests nearly every day, allowing visitors to discover its rich history, explore magnificently-furnished rooms, and admire its striking architecture.

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