When approaching the overall graphic look for Rachel Hollis’ new morning show on Quibi, creative production studio And/Or faced two unique challenges: complementing the motivational speaker’s brand and adapting Quibi’s mobile-only format.

“Considering the mobile format, we had to think about scale of elements and simplicity in our design and work,” Kelli Miller, And/Or’s partner and creative director, said in a statement. “We already tend to gravitate towards bold and minimal visual solutions, so that challenge was right up our alley.”

In collaboration with Den of Thieves, And/Or developed a graphics package and toolkit for the show’s pilot. Due to its daily format, the design and animation needed to be adaptable for ongoing use; therefore, And/Or delivered multiple title card formats for the show’s team to update the colors, transitions, daily lists and motivational quotes as needed.

The Rachel Hollis Show team brought us on to create something fresh and functional,” Miller said. “And what we’ve designed is just that: a bold, playful, contemporary look, and a toolkit that’s flexible and easy for the show’s production team to work with so they can create a wide variety of assets with enough variety to keep it fresh five days a week.”

Once the show was picked up, And/Or designed the package for both standard 4k HD and vertical 9:16 format to meet Quibi’s unique, mobile-only viewing.

“Horizontal vs. vertical has become a pretty consistent ask from our clients as far as mobile viewing goes, so while it can be a challenge to adapt the work to these wildly different formats, it’s one we were well up to, and we were very excited to use our expertise in this area to design for the new Quibi platform,” Miller said.

The end result is a polished yet playful look that adapts Hollis’ style for Quibi’s unique platform.

“This chance to design for new platforms and emerging formats has been an exciting challenge and opportunity to infuse our sense of playfulness and polish into brand new modes of streaming behavior and storytelling,” Miller said.

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