​Just months after Matcha.tv shut down with little explanation, Apple has snatched it back up, quite possibly as part of its larger plan to revolutionize TV.

Rumors have floated about for months that Apple wants to change TV viewing for the better, with a possible TV set in the works, an entirely new interface or more lucrative deals like its recent one with HBO GO.

With Matcha.tv, Apple might be able to go forward with some of these plans. The second screen app gave users a platform-agnostic rundown of what TV was available to them (via cable, streaming and purchasing) and recommended further viewing based on their behavior.

Read more about it at Venture Beat and Fast Company.

Brief Take: With this acquisition, Apple takes a firm step in the direction of recommendation TV viewing, and it could be a sign that Apple TV is about to be a bigger competitor in the battle for the set-top box.


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