​Apple brings together multiple parts of its business to promote season two of drama For All Mankind, rolling out an augmented reality app with content that bridges the time gap between the first and second seasons, as well as a companion podcast.

The For All Mankind: Time Capsule app drops users into the story and then has them set up a virtual table top in their own home. From there, they can start opening virtual objects that help them get acquainted with what’s happening in the show. The app also includes a prompt for users to subscribe to Apple TV Plus.

Apple’s newest devices—such as the latest iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max—come equipped with AR-focused LiDAR (light detection and radar) scanners and the app works best in conjunction with these. Rumors also persist that Apple is developing high-end virtual and augmented reality headsets, which would lend themselves perfectly to apps such as this one, and perhaps entire series produced in AR and VR that would give viewers a completely immersive experience.

The For All Mankind companion podcast is hosted by series star Krys Marshall who plays Commander Danielle Poole in the series executive produced by Ronald D. Moore. The 10-episode podcast, produced by At Will Media, drops on Feb. 19, along with the season-two premiere of the show.

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