​Apple TV may be No. 1 in your living room, but the Roku player is No. 1 in our hearts, according to a new study by Parks Associates.

TV streaming boxes have pervaded US households, and the numbers are growing steadily. In the past two years, homes with set-top boxes has doubled to 14%, and Parks Associates predicts this number will grow again to more than 330 million households by 2017.

According to the study, which surveyed 10,000 US homes, 37% with streaming devices used a Roku box, while only 24% had Apple TV.

They also noted that streaming boxes like Roku or Apple TV are easier and more cost-efficient choices, as an upgrade to web-enabled TV or getting new hardware is a bigger decision and much more expensive. Google’s Chromecast was not available to consumers when the study was done, but the affordable device may very well affect next year’s numbers.

Read more about it at PC Magazine.

Brief Take: Even though Apple TV gets a lot of the attention, it’s important to know which of these devices are in the most US homes. Roku currently has deals with more than 100 channels, and is always looking for more, so be aware of your audience and make sure your network or channel is on the right device.


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