The above short film serves a lot of masters.

It’s intended to promote Apple TV+’s new series, For All Mankind, while also reminding viewers that climate change threatens the Earth and humanity as we know it.

All three stakeholders—Sony Pictures Television, Conservation International and Apple TV+—worked together to create a beautiful piece that urges viewers to action by donating to Conservation International.

Series star Joel Kinnaman narrates a film that includes high-definition video and a compelling message.


Voice: Joel Kinnaman

Client: Sony Pictures Television

Director, New Media Marketing: Steven Gadecki

Creative Director: Glenn Bartlett

Senior Producer: Conrad Ketchie

Editor: Devin O’Rourke

Finishing Specialist: Alexander Certik

Finishing Specialist: Kevin Mayer

Senior Manager, Creative Operations: Cheryl Venable

Director of Sustainability: Joanne Gunsberg

VO Sound Mixer: Adam Young

Audio Mix: Racket Sound

Conservation International: Jamie Cross, Prarthna Vasudevan, John Martin, Melina Formisano

Rogers and Cowan: Lindsay Galin, Heather McDevitt

For All Mankind Unit Publicist: Linda Colangelo

Tags: apple tv+ conservation international for all mankind joel kinnaman sony pictures television

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