To promote its latest scripted audio comedy, A Total Switch Show, Audible teamed with Los Angeles-based State Design to create a fun animated spot featuring its star-studded ensemble cast.

The not-safe-for-work original podcast comes from Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco and stars real-life mother and daughter Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) and Zoey Deutch (Netflix’s The Politician).

To create the spot, Audible shot the show’s co-stars for marketing purposes and State Design used the footage to inform its animation, as well as headshots of the rest of the cast. The Audible team wrote a script designed to accompany animation, and State Design unleash big, bold visuals that matched the content’s outsized tone.

The finished product, above, combined the live-action video capture along with original illustrations and animation and smothered all of it in an indie-punk soundtrack from one-woman band Illuminati Hotties.


Client: Audible

Creative Director: Christian Martillo

Senior Writer/Producer: Josh Fischer

Art Director: Les Barbire

Senior Designer: Cristin Burton

Director of Production & Operations: Noreen O’Donnell

VP/Creative Director: Josh Pelzek

SVP, Content Marketing: Sara Moscowitz

Agency: State Design

Executive CD: Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer: Alex dos Santos

Creative Director: Arpine Alexanian

Producer: Krissy Estrada

Design: Arpine Alexanian, Mayumi Takahashi, Carolina Carballo

Tags: a total switch show audible hot spots illuminati hotties podcasts state design

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