To promote its four-movie series of Robert de Niro films, Australia’s SBS World Movies created a mash-up of each of the films: Angel Heart, Taxi Driver, Once Upon a Time in America and Cape Fear.

“To celebrate the legend, we let the man speak for himself in a dynamic edit using some of his most iconic scenes. The spot utilizes tense sound design & fast-paced GFX to craft an escalating montage that draws the viewer in,” wrote SBS Jamie Benterman in an email.

SBS World Movies’ series runs every Saturday night through June 26.


Client/In-House Team: SBS World Movies

Concept & Editing: Jamie Benterman

Design: Vanessa Meagher

Voiceover: Aimee Horne

Sound: Matt Brown

Colour Grade: Alyn Mykas

Tags: robert de niro sbs world movies

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