BBC News is joining Netflix and HBO by experimenting with interactive “choose-your-own-adventure,” starting with gadget-focused show Click, the company said Monday at its NewFront presentation in New York City.

To celebrate the show’s 1,000th episode later this year, Click‘s producers are building a branching narrative that will let viewers explore different paths of storytelling. Before the episode starts, viewers will answer questions to determine their level of expertise and knowledge. The show will then tailor that viewer’s experience accordingly.

Sticking with that theme of innovation, the service also announced its “Project Songbird” initiative, which will create audio versions of all BBC News online articles. Those audio stories will automatically be fed to listeners of the stream, who won’t need to click and browse to find the next story.

Songbird is in the works but no launch date has been announced.

In addition, is preparing to launch “Future You,” a new interactive programming vertical that will cover such topics as health, medicine psychology, science and technology. It’s also working on “The Future Sounds of Music,” a website that explore and experiments with music in all forms. And in 2020, will debut a new “Discovery” section, which is a collaboration between BBC Travel and BBC Future.

Finally, continues to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing across the site.

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