Just because you live in the White House doesn’t mean you don’t have family drama to manage and secrets to keep.

That’s the premise of BET’s new drama, Tyler Perry’s The Oval, which takes viewers inside the White House as a new first family—one governed by secrets, power and revenge—settles in.

In the above spot, a White House butler walks down the hallway, opening doors as he goes. Behind each door are family members engaged in their own personal problems. The daughter secretly drinks, while the son watches pornography on his laptop. And the parents—President Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) and First Lady Victoria Franklin (Kron Moore)—literally come to blows. Meanwhile—in a Downton Abbey like set-up—the staff has their own drama to deal with.

Tyler Perry’s The Oval is shot on the show’s sets at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, where a partial replica of the White House has been built to scale.


SVP, Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BETN: Kendrick Reid

VP, Creative Director: Adrian Hilton

Creative Director: Mike Williams

Art Director: Dana Kinlaw

Director of Design and Operations: Rebecca Heineman

Production Manager: Pamela Singh

Senior Writer/Producer: Shasa Rogers

Senior Copywriter: Thembisa Mshaka

Motion Graphics Designer: Jun Lee

Editors: Anita Robertson, Brian Guillaudeu

Audio Mix: Jin Yoon, Eric Pfeifer

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