New York-based creative agency Bigstar has launched its first original animated short. With it, the agency, in partnership with author and producer Robe Imbriano (Netflix’s Amend: The Fight for America, ABC Owned Stations’ Soul of a Nation), is taking on the issue of “white fatigue.” This occurs when white people sympathetic to the fight against racial inequality and injustice become exhausted by the fight and let the system continue to perpetuate itself.

According to the film, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton is the founding father of white fatigue. In order to get the Constitution enacted, Hamilton agreed to “the three-fifths compromise,” which fully counted a state’s free population but only counted three-fifths of the slave population toward representation and taxation.

The piece goes on to quickly run through the history of civil rights and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., up through the pandemic and the death of George Floyd.

“I’m telling you right now it’s gonna get more uncomfortable. It’s going to be more confusing and exhausting. You will want it to stop,” Imbriano says in the video. “But do not stop. New legislation isn’t the end. This election isn’t the end. There is no end because white supremacy will never quit. So Black people cannot ever quit. You must battle white fatigue. Don’t get tired. Don’t ever give up. Do not wave the white flag.”


Author/Narrator: Robe Imbriano

Agency: Bigstar

Creator/Executive Creative Director: Josh Norton

Executive Producer: Carson Hood

Head of Production: Virgil Conklin

Art Director: Jane Wu

Design: DayDay, Carol Cai

Editor: Shannon Hall

3D Animation: Alec Iselin, Conner O’Brien

2D Animation: Liu Chialung, Casey Drogin, Brian Landisman

Audio: Hook and Line

Composer: Bryan Senti

Tags: bigstar hook and line hot spots robe imbriano

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