Netflix debuted its newest campaign “Meanwhile, Inside Your Netflix,” offering an inside look at what happens in the streamer’s universe, one where all its characters come together.

The campaign is separated into a series of videos on the streamer’s YouTube channel, showing original characters like the animated BoJack Horseman, members of Queer Eye’s Fab Five, comedian Hasan Minhaj, and Fuller House’s Kimmy Gibbler. Each spot opens with a timpani player recreating Netflix’s signature intro sound, and features comedic banter between the characters as they gather in a lounge.

Darker Premise, Darker Horse

In the first video, Kimmy Gibbler wonders what’s wrong with BoJack Horseman as he suggests Fuller House has a darker premise centered around death and sadness. Although she insists it’s lighthearted and they occasionally dance, BoJack’s not convinced.

Just A Couple Questions

Minhaj and Bojack have an awkward “Man to Horseman” conversation about BoJack’s strange wardrobe choice. BoJack’s lack of tail is also brought up, nearly provoking the animated character.

Queer Eye For The Straight Horse

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness and Karamo Brown preach their “love yourself” philosophy to BoJack, suggesting that he learns to wear his mane, not let it wear him. Minhaj jumps in asking for tips from the duo, only to learn that he’s serving perfection.

Additional Netflix characters, such as Orange is the New Black’s Red and comedian Nicole Byer, are also seen in other videos on the streamer’s channel.

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