Creative: ITV’s in-house creative agency

Campaign Led By: Phil Lind, Creative Director, ITV Creative; Claire Finn, Head of Operations, ITV Creative; Rufus Radcliffe, Group Marketing and Research Director, ITV Creative; Reemah Sakaan, Director of Marketing, ITV

Target Audience: Domestic and international viewers across ITV’s five channels

Objective: Create a “brand environment” that reflects ITV’s central position in popular culture, cement the relationship between ITV’s programming and network identity and drive greater brand clarity across channels, businesses and platforms.

Steps Taken: While ITV’s recent all-encompassing makeover stretched across every piece of property from its buildings to coffee mugs, the biggest challenge lay in presenting its five channels as unique entities that, cumulatively, would express the network’s brand family. The effect would “cement the relationship in viewers’ minds between the ITV content they love and the ITV brand that brings it to them,” said Phil Lind, creative director at ITV Creative. The network designed a unified, on-air architecture, allowing for cross-promotion and establishing a “universal frame” for its channels. “We wanted to ensure that promotional and presentation items could appear to join seamlessly together, or ‘flow’ as we came to describe it,” said Lind.

With a framework in place, ITV began communicating its new messaging to the viewer through a series of ground-breaking idents carefully designed to be “updateable and reactive to popular culture,” according to Lind. More than 200 idents will be featured throughout the year, many in reaction to current events. Each ident will feature ITV’s new logo, an appealing, looping design with a color scheme that changes with its background. “No two ident logos will ever be the same,” said Lind.

Lessons Learned: “Keep everyone talking to each other all the time,” Lind said. “Don’t lose your nerve even when the deadline zooms towards you.”


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