Creative: Discovery Creative, logo design; Imaginary Forces, on-air look and design; Musikvergnuegen, music.

Campaign Led By: Dan Bragg, VP, Marketing, Science; Carly Roszkowski, Director, Marketing, Science; Tom King, Director, On-Air, Science.

Target Audience: Adults, 25-54.

Objective: To update the network’s brand to reflect its expanded programming and viewing platforms.

Steps Taken: Whether you wanted to see robot cage matches, learn how sombreros are made or witness monster bug wars, the Science Channel was the place to be. But as the network began extending its lineup beyond traditional science topics with shows like Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and An Idiot Abroad with Ricky Gervais, and more viewers turned to digital platforms to access content, it became clear that the brand identity was no longer just a “channel.”

To personify the idea that Science Channel is an ever-evolving entity as the basis of the rebrand, the network introduced Morph, an animated character personality that also serves as the new logo. Developed in-house by Discovery Creative, Morph is not confined by form or color, but instead is ever-changing in an ode to both the brand and its subject matter.

Science’s VP of marketing, Dan Bragg, said the concept of Morph as a logo and brand design helps break through the conventions of what people expect Science to be. “You never know what science is going to bring you,” Bragg said. “It’s redefining people’s interpretation of science.”

Lessons Learned: “One important thing that was key to the entire process was giving our consumers a tease into the new change, because change can be diffi cult for a lot of people, especially when you have a core group of viewers,” said Carly Roszkowski, director of marketing at Science. “So we teased out the change to make sure that our audience – insiders – felt they were getting information about what we were doing as a brand.”


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