Creative: Ink Project, brand consultancy; Groove Quantize, music.

Campaign Led By: Sandra Bender, general manager, SBS Subscription Television; Warren Powell, creative services manager, SBS Subscription Television; Daniel Millar, senior producer, SBS Subscription Television.

Target Audience: Adults 35-55, skewing male.

Objective: Simplify the brand, under SBS Subscription Television’s wide umbrella, to make programming easier to navigate and reflect a more inclusive offering of international cinema. “We needed to increase the definition of World Movies to the audience to match the actual offer of the channel,” said Clare Bailey, client services director at Ink Project.

Steps Taken: Whether you’re in the mood for another Amélie viewing or you want to see what’s featured this year at Cannes, Australia’s World Movies wants to make sure you know where to look. In the channel’s 16 years, the community of international cinema has significantly changed. World Movies needed to keep up with it in order to appeal to its audience of film buffs and festival goers.

“The brand really needed to stretch itself,” said Sandra Bender, general manager at SBS Subscription Television. “It needed to be a bit more contemporary and a bit more honest and real about what international cinema is about today versus what it was 16 years ago.”

World Movies adapted the zoetrope, or “wheel of life,” a cylinder with vertical windows from the era of early motion picture innovation. On-air graphics reflect the zoetrope with open slits to reveal scenes and revolving imagery through the windows. A simplified logo followed with its brand blue, the W and M becoming sliding slots into its content.

“I think that sort of retro, old-school concept appeals to new audiences and also to the hardcore cinephile fans,” said Bailey.

The new tagline, “Be Moved,” encourages viewers to participate in the transformative programming from international film festivals and classic international cinema with new weekly themes meant to clarify the network offering, including World Movies Bollywood (“Be Dazzled”) or World Movies Premiere (“Be First”).

Lessons Learned: “Don’t think too much and don’t try to be too clever,” said Bender.


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