​Mashable today takes a look at three brands that are utilizing agile marketing methods to make better decisions and improve productivity.

Agile marketing is a process designed to bring order to the chaos of modern marketing, which includes drinking from a fire hose of daily social media, creating new materials for product launches, interpreting tidal waves of analytics, and still finding time to think strategically and creatively.

In its article Mashable highlights Carsurfing, Teradata Applications and CafePress as three companies using agile methods to great success.

Carsurfing, a rideshare app, dropped all other projects last year when the company noticed a particularly high amount of activity around the Burning Man event. Carsurfing immediately turned its resources to connecting people seeking rides to Burning Man, even creating a dedicated landing pad for Facebook users going to the arts festival. The greater agility/increased response time following feedback resulted in more than 800 users finding rides through the service while it was still in alpha.

Teradata Applications, a retailer of marketing support software, emphasized quicker, more effective communication as part of its agility strategy. When it learned it had secured high placement on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, an annual ranking of IT vendors, it moved to correspond with Gartner and ensure it was the first among its competitors to announce the honor.

CafePress, a platform for people who want to make and sell their own merchandise, wanted to engage with its customers in real-time, and collaborate with them as they uploaded designs for their products. Rallying around customers’ penchant for using the site to create pop culture-related items, CafePress worked to increase the speed and flexibility of its social interactions, assigning a dedicated representative to handle questions or complaints via social media, and improving its own internal communication.

Read more about the three companies using agile marketing on Mashable.


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