​China Global Television Network brings news, sports, and other programming to viewers around the world, allowing them to travel from wherever they are to immerse themselves in somewhere new.

This brand image spot was produced by Germany’s Perfect Accident, featuring footage from all over the world. The music was composed and performed by Dallas-based Stephen Arnold Music.

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Client: China Global Television Network (CGTN)

Agency: Flint Skallen / Stefan Mueller

Created and produced by Perfect Accident

Creative Director: Martin Kett

Director: Stuart Rideout

DOP: Dan Holland

Editor: Kathrin Schmoll

Production: Green Olive Films

Producer: Simos Manganis

Executive Producer: Maria Kopanou

Compositing: Sylvi Roessler, Manuel Voss

Music: Stephen Arnold Music

Tags: china global television network flint skallen hot spots perfect accident stephen arnold music

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