Shanghai-based Final Frontier and London-based Art&Graft teamed up to create whimsical portraits of China for a complete rebrand of CCTV Kids, the dedicated children’s channel of China’s national broadcaster.

Art&Graft created a three-tier brand system that included a series of fantasy worlds, each drawing on China’s rich cultural heritage. The package also includes an original family of brand characters, who should represent the channel for years to come.

The overall brand package included new logo design and animation in the channel’s fresh brand colors of lime and kelly green, pink, orange and white as well as new idents and mixed media live-action and animated promos.

“Art&Graft has a rich history of innovative global rebrands and we challenged ourselves once again to deliver something unique for CCTV—an ambitious and expansive character-led creative concept to appeal to the wide demographic of their audience, including core channel branding, a modular on-air design system plus a whole load of idents and promos that expand on the visual language we devised throughout,” said Art&Graft Creative Director Mike Moloney in a statement.

The project is the latest channel rebrand by Art&Graft following high-profile work for Cartoon Network’s Boomerang, India’s Pogo, and UKTV’s W Channel and Alibi.

“We’re honoured that CCTV entrusted Final Frontier with such an important project. It feels like validation for what we’re doing here,” said Final Frontier Executive Producer Gustavo Karam, also in a statement. “CCTV wanted the very best and [they] were open to harnessing talent anywhere in the world to achieve it. That is what Final Frontier is here to help our clients do.”

China Central Television (CCTV) is China’s national broadcaster and one of the most watched television networks in the world, with more than 1.3 billion viewers per year, operating multiple channels covering diverse subjects and demographics. CCTV Kids is the broadcaster’s only dedicated children’s channel and features original IP, licensed Chinese programming and a block of international shows.


Client: CCTV

Production Company: Final Frontier

Executives Producer: Gustavo Karam, Chris Colman, Julieta Zajaczkowski

Project Manager: Bella Jiang

Concept, Design, Direction & Production: Art&Graft

Tags: art & graft cctv cctv kids final frontier rebrand

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