In honor of last weekend’s free virtual event, DC Fandome, CNN worked with Atlanta-based creative agency Elevation to animate DC superheroes. The sequences introduced CNN Heroes vignettes, each of which honors someone who has been a hero during the pandemic.

To create the different panels, Elevation took specific art of a DC character and added composition and motion to make them come alive. The panels feature different DC characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Green Arrow and more.

DC Fandome was held online last weekend, and offered lots of content, including new trailers for Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, coming to HBO Max.


Client: CNN Creative Marketing

Creative Directors: Edward Reid, Lara Hurst

Agency: Elevation

Creative Direction: Stephen Cocks, David Hendrix

Executive Producer: Stephanie Carson

Designers: Daniel Cooper, Brian Davis, Kito Kondowe

Audio Tech: Josh Money

Tags: animation cnn cnn heroes dc comics dc fandome elevation hot spots

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