CNN’s digital series, Life After, explores what life is like after some monumental change. In the above story, artistically rendered by CNN internal team CNN Motion, Mark Tedesco was forced to face his sexuality after he began living a double life as both a priest and a gay man.

“I do experience God in a strong way so I didn’t want to give that up. The way I’ve reconciled that is that it comes down to very simple logic: God doesn’t make trash. But because I didn’t choose to be this way, I must have been born this way. It’s not something bad,” Tedesco narrates in voiceover.

Below is CNN Motion’s reel for more about the in-house digital design agency.

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Client: CNN Digital

Agency: CNN Motion

Art Direction: Ignacio Osorio

Design and Animation: Agne Jurkenaite, Ignacio Osorio, Melody Shih

Storyboarding: Ignacio Osorio, Michael Pisano

Sound Design: Carla Howe

Supervising Producer: Jacque Smith

Producers: Tiara Chiaramonte, Madeleine Stix, Curtis Brown

Project Manager: Caroline Matthews

Tags: cnn motion hot spots

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