To promote its upcoming docuseries, 1968, CNN partnered with Miami-based agency 2C Creative.

To help execute its creative vision, which involved an organic, in-camera approach, CNN paired 2C with Director of Photography Chris Webb. Webb had previously worked with both partners on campaigns such as Spike’s Ink Master and CNN’s The Seventies.

“This was a simple concept, but not so simple to execute. The team at 2C and Christopher Webb’s FX WRX worked hard at the details and really brought something extra to the table,” said CNN Creative Director Sean Houston. “We’re really happy with the way they brought this concept from Senior Producer Nicole Giles and Designer Alvaro Morcillo to life.”

Each 15-second teaser is intended to evoke an iconic memory from the era, whether that’s the microphones that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke into just before he was assassinated or the draft cards that young American men burned.

To make sure each object appeared larger-than-life, the team used a periscope lens that allowed Webb both to get very close while keeping a wide frame of view. 2C also used puppeteer rigs to keep the lighting as real as possible.

“There’s a level of reliability in these vintage filmmaking tools, and that’s one of the things that feeds into Chris’ technique and the overall authenticity we were able to achieve,” said Brian Eloe, 2C’s live-action/ creative director. “The idea or sensibility that we want is for this to feel as natural and non-CG as possible. After all, we’re speaking about history here, so it’s important to tell these stories and create these trailers that still have a reverence to history and fact.”

The four-part series will air over two nights — Sunday and Monday, May 27 and 28 — on CNN.


Client: CNN

VP Creative: Whit Friese

Sr. Director Production: Dan Brown

Creative Director: Sean Houston

Account Director: Lara Hurst

Sr. Writer/Producer: Nicole Giles

Sr. Graphic Designer: Alvaro Morcillo

Sr. Production Manager: Julie Bitton

Agency: 2C

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan

GM, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma

Live-Action Director / Creative Director: Brian Eloe

Creative Director: Marni Wagner

Editor: Chris Volz

Editor: Jesus Martinez

Editor: Pablo Coig

Editor: Johanser Martinez

Graphic Designer: Dmitri Zavyazkin

Graphic Designer: Andy Fernandez

Executive Producer, Graphics: Bob Cobb

Design Director: Luis Martinez

Technical Operations Manager: Ashley Hartford

Assistant Editor: Williams Naranjo

Assistant Editor: Kelly Lanman

Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa


Director of Photography: Christopher Webb

Line Producer: Russell Katzman

Art Director/FX: Marco Cousins

Tags: 1968 2c cnn hot spots

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