In light of today’s extremely contentious political environment, many journalists find it impossible not to compare President Donald Trump and the conversations around his potential impeachment to those around President Richard Nixon, who famously resigned in 1974 after the Watergate scandal. Like Trump, Nixon felt the media were his enemies, and like Trump, Nixon had a Republican Congress behind him ... until they weren’t any longer.

CNN’s four-episode limited series Tricky Dick takes viewers back to a time when a notorious president was also at war with the media, under investigation and facing the threat of impeachment.

CNN Creative Marketing’s launch campaign for this four-part series contrasted the public Nixon with the reality of who he was behind the closed doors of the Oval Office using photography, rarely seen film, and archival sound from Nixon’s secret recordings. CNN also connected the show to the White House’s current rhetoric to further close the connection to the past from the present.

Tricky Dick premiered Sunday, March 17 at 9 ET/PT on CNN.

“Altered State”

“White House”


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