In today’s divisive political climate, journalism is under fire. But the most fearless of reporters, such as CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward, just keep on doing their work.

Reporters like Ward know what revealing a situation can mean to those suffering from it.

The above spot—produced in-house by CNN and its corporate sibling, HBO Post Production—is part of CNN’s overall “Go There” campaign, which promotes the network’s commitment to producing quality journalism around the world. Creative agency Mr. Sunshine designed and produced the sound.


Client: CNN

Chief Marketing Officer: Allison Gollust

Senior Vice President: Rick Lewchuk

Vice President & Group Creative Director: Whit Friese

Creative Director: Edward Reid

Marketing Director: Stephen Krill

Sr. Writer/Producer/Editor: Bill Platt

Sr. Graphic Designer: Jobel Jose

Senior Director, Production: Dan Brown

Senior Production Manager: Nichole Goralnik

Production Resource Manager: Denise Patierno

Project Manager: Greg Enfield

Associate Producer: Kristin Hollis

Production Company: HBO Post Production

Broadcast Designer/VFX Artist: Heather Steckley

Sound Production: Mr. Sunshine

Sound Designer: Joshua Copp

Tags: cnn hot spots

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