For CNN’s new original series, Nomad with Carlton McCoy, the network needed to introduce viewers to the host, since he’s not widely known. So CNN Creative Marketing created this series spots to help the audience get to know its new star.

For the spot “Meet Carlton” (below), we combined popular track “Nice to Meet Ya” with a fun video revealing McCoy’s passion for pop culture, food and wine (he’s a master sommelier), and travel and adventure – all of which the series will tackle.

Meet Carlton

“Journey” (above) teases the story of how McCoy rose from growing up in an impoverished neighborhood to becoming a wine expert and world traveler.

For the campaign’s third spot, “Finer Things/Diner Things,” CNN turned to longtime creative partners, Roger, to reveal McCoy’s personality and travel style as he combines discovering life’s finer things in the most unusual places.

Finer Things/Diner Things

Nomad with Carlton McCoy premieres Sunday, May 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CNN.


Client: CNN

Senior Vice President: Rick Lewchuk, CNN Creative Marketing

Vice President & Group Creative Director: Whit Friese, CNN Creative Marketing

Senior Creative Director: Sean Houston, CNN Creative Marketing

Senior Marketing Director: Lisa Ghormley, CNN Creative Marketing

Design Director: Jenny Specker, CNN Creative Marketing

Senior Writer/Producer: Nicole Giles, CNN Creative Marketing

Senior Graphic Designer: Brandon Campbell, CNN Creative Marketing

Graphic Designer: Ash Pimenta

Marketing Manager: Ashley Hunter, CNN Creative Marketing

Senior Director of Production: Matt Barnett, CNN Creative Marketing

Director of Production: Nichole Goralnik, CNN Creative Marketing

Senior Resource Manager: Denise Patierno, CNN Creative Marketing

Production Resource Manager: Kristin Hollis, CNN Creative Marketing

Agency: Roger

Director/Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee, Roger

Director/Creative Director: Dane Macbeth, Roger

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky, Roger

Producer: Shannon Bowen, Roger

Director of Photography: Dallas Sterling, Roger

Production Designer: Walter Barnett, Roger

Post-Production Producer: Grant Aronson, Roger

Editor: Patrick Nagy, Roger

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