A simple question from a reporter tips off a whole lot of emotional angst when fans of Comedy Central Hungary realize they have spent ten years on the couch watching their favorite comedy channel, just waiting to learn who Cartman’s dad is, while accomplishing few of their hopes and dreams.

The above music-and-dance-filled spot ran as part of Comedy Central Hungary’s 10th anniversary campaign both on air and on digital. The campaign was developed and created by Viacom CEEI’s Budapest-based in-house creative team.


Client / Creative Agency / Post Production: Viacom CEEI

Creative Director: Dániel Kabai

Senior Creative Producers: Dániel Beke, Dániel Faragó

Production Manager: Zsófia Susztrik

Creative Coordinator: Gerda Pók

Material Coordinator: Fanni Rieb

Senior Marketing Manager: Dóra Nikolits

Director: Attila Bánk

Music: János Szemenyei, László Mészáros

Sound Mix: Attila Bánk

Producer: Csaba Gálfi

D.O.P.: Róbert Szín

Choreographer: Zoltán Bakti

Graphics: Ádám Besenyői, Viktor Szemerey

Tags: comedy central hungary hot spots viacom

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