“Does Emma Stone think I should vote? What about John Krasinski? Have you guys seen The Quiet Place? Yes, but that isn’t what this is about right now.”

Comedy Central features everyday people talking about the question everyone has on their minds heading into the midterm elections in a new campaign, #ShouldWeVote?

“Many normal Americans like us … don’t know what we should do … until celebrities tell us what to do,” normal Americans rationalize in the tongue-in-cheek spot highlighting all the famous people who have weighed in on the importance of heading to the polls—from Chris Tucker and Lady Gaga, to Barbra Streisand, Barbara Walters ... all the Barbaras.

#ShouldWeVote calls on people to tag their favorite celebrities who taken a stance on the significance of casting a ballot on November 6, and connects to Rock the Vote’s informational website.

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