Showcasing the drama promised by the 2020 election, CNN partnered with Los Angeles-based creative agency Compadre to create a package characterized by stark red, black and white graphics.

While the design seems straightforward, the overall architecture had to be able to handle plenty of candidates, coverage and events—from Democratic debates to the constant flow of breaking news. The creative was inspired by the concept of “highlight,” using graphics to shine a spotlight on issues of most importance to viewers.

“For our 2020 politics package, we challenged Compadre to deliver a solution that was not only functional across a wide range of events, but also had a style that was only CNN,” said Whit Friese, vice president and group creative director, CNN, in a statement. “Compadre developed a visually striking, CNN-branded solution that our internal teams can easily implement and adapt to the many needs we have over the next 15 months.”

The package makes use of motion-graphics templates that CNN editors can update easily in Adobe Premiere, making it the fast and flexible solution that CNN required. The overall package included on-air and digital elements as well as toolkits for social and out-of-home campaigns.

“With so much information flying around this election cycle, it was our goal, along with CNN, to simplify,” said Curtis Doss, executive creative director, Compadre, also in a statement. “Simplify the landscape for viewers, and simplify the graphic tools for CNN’s internal teams. We love head-scratcher assignments, so helping CNN make sense of the many moving parts of the 2020 election was a perfect fit for us.”

Compadre, which is led by industry veterans Robert Blatchford and Chuck Carey, launched in June. The agency already has created marketing campaigns and brand identities for Freeform and The CW.

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Client: CNN

Creative Director: Sean Houston

Senior Producer: Nicole Giles

Editor/Producer: Stephen Taylor

Senior Designer: Brandon Campbell

Account Director: Lara Hurst

Creative Marketing Agency: Compadre

Co-Owners/Presidents: Robert Blatchford, Chuck Carey

Head of Production: Jessica Scharer

Executive Creative Director: Curtis Doss

Writer/Strategist: Mika Saulitis

Strategist: Dave Abel

Producer: Eunice Kim

Coordinator: Brent Lang

Designers: Eunha Choi, Ilya Tselyutin, Shawn Lee

Lead Designer/Animator: Jessica Coogan

Designers/Animators: Jeremy Alcock, Jessica Coogan, Dave Drage, Justin Bakies

Editors: Aaron Cullen, Dave Tousignant

Assistant Editors: Evan Tarne, Kerry Simester, Krista Haitz

Music: Syn

Tags: cnn compadre

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