Country music icon Trace Adkins hosts INSP’s rodeo-inspired competition series Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, in which cowboys and cowgirls compete to see who is the best rider, roper and overall ranch hand.

The series highlights how hard these men and women work and what winning the competition could mean to their lives and to their families.

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown returns to INSP for season two on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 9 ET/ 10 PT.


Client: INSP

Creative: INSP

Producer/Editors: Jonathan Shuping, Bill Mazzola

Motion Designer: Ben Henry

Audio Mixer: Dan Luna

Finishing Editors: Dave Wooten, Rob Lech

Motion Design Manager: Demetre Gionis

Associate Producer: Jessica-Owoc McClelland

Director Creative Operations: Scott Craven

VP, Creative Design: Zach Chambers

VP, Creative Marketing & Promotion: Peter Overland

EVP, Marketing: Hayes Tauber

Tags: insp ultimately cowboy showdown

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