After developing creative content for brands like ABC, Cartoon Network, Disney, and CNN, Atlanta-based Elevation has launched a new blog to share insight and inspiration with the entertainment marketing community.

The Elevation Blog shares essential techniques, strategies, and skills to help others elevate their own brands and creative projects. On top of posts related to the coronavirus pandemic—like substituting live-action with design and animation—topics include brand promotions, creative studio partnerships, rebrands/refreshes, visual storytelling, event creative development, and the future of creativity.

The initiative comes after the creative studio refreshed its own brand last year and challenged creatives to “Outdare Gravity.”

“To truly ‘Outdare Gravity,’ we felt this next step into strategy, concepting, and development was the best way to continue to soar above and beyond for our clients”, James Grosch, Elevation’s writer and strategist, said in a statement. “We apply the same thought processes we’ll be outlining in our blog to every creative project we take on. Creativity plus strategy equals great design.”

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“We eat, sleep and breathe this industry because we love it, so how could we resist creating a forum to talk more deeply and thoughtfully [with the wider public] about all the things we love to nerd out about? Think of this as a little slice of the internal conversations we have every day. To us, this feels like a genuine way to allow people into our process and metaphorical conference room,” executive producer Steph Carson said. “As always, we seek to not only push ourselves higher, but to encourage others to do the same, and we hope this blog serves that purpose.”

Those who subscribe will receive daily, weekly or monthly emails called “The View from Here,” which features the latest posts based on an individuals’ subscription preferences.

“This blog serves as a space to dive into the strategy and understanding behind creative work - so we are taking lessons from years of experience over countless projects, and sharing our expertise here,” director of marketing Brittany Massingill said. “Our team has some incredible talent and knowledge that deserves to shine while helping to elevate our clients, prospects, and the general public.”

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