New York City-based Definition 6 combined show clips, shoot footage, and fast-paced graphic animation for the above :30 launch spot for Oxygen’s Accident, Suicide or Murder.

The spot, which is cut to a haunting orchestral track, makes it clear that all deaths are not what they appear to be.

Accident, Suicide or Murder premiered Saturday, May 9.


Agency: Definition 6

SVP/Creative Director: Diana Lochridge

Senior Editor/Sound Designer: Charlie Eisenhardt

Senior CD/Copywriter: Linda Danner

Client: Oxygen

SVP/Brand Creative: Nancy Mazzei

Creative Director, Multiplatform Brand Creative: Yanik Archer

Creative Director, Multiplatform Brand Design: Kaori Sohma

Audio Mixer: Jon Dickson

Tags: definition 6 hot spots oxygen

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