In advance of the launch of Discovery’s new digital brand for kids, #Mindblown, New York and Miami-based Lava Studio created the brand’s video look as well as wrote and produced digital series #Mindblown Blast.

In the “Time Travel” episode, featured above, host Ethan goes on an animated adventure—complete with dinosaurs!—to explain current scientific theories on the possibility of time travel.

Discovery #Mindblown is available to download now in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.


Client: Discovery Communications

Global Lead, Video Games, Robotics & eCommerce, Discovery: Matt Bonaccorso

Director/Creative Director: David Woodward

Production, Design & Animation: Lava Studio

Executive Producer: Robert Kirkpatrick

Producer: Lia Mitchell

Line Producer: Adriana Correa

Copywriters: Michael Berkman, Lia Mitchell

Animators: Kyle Reynolds, Carlos Velasquez, Alberto Garcia

Editors: Steve Schuff, Terence Williams, Jordan Podos

Audio: Outpost Audio

Tags: #mindblown discovery hot spots lava studios

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