Discovery Channel was seeking an Americana vibe for the launch of its latest series, Street Outlaws: America’s List so it called in frequent partner Silver Spring, Md.-based Trick & Mortar.

The agency answered the call with a disruptive drive-by that was equal parts asphalt and attitude. Set to a Hendrix-esque guitar solo and featuring iconic stretches of road from coast to coast, the only thing left to do was hit the gas.

Street Outlaws: America’s List premieres Monday, April 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and streams on Discovery+.


Network: Discovery Channel

SVP: Josh Kovolenko

VP, Creative: Pablo Pulido

Supervising Producer: Peter Lanier

Associate Producer: Elizabeth Stickley

Senior Production Coordinator: Jacki O’Connor

Marketing Manager: Giuliana DeFiore

Agency: Trick & Mortar

Executive Producer: Jeffrey Foot

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Art Director: Garth Superville

Director of Production: AnChi Laster

Production Coordinator: Maddie Ehrenreich

Senior Editors: Dave Gorrie, Ian Rummer

Sound Designer: Takoma Media - Richard Humphries, and Nicholas Karlin

Tags: discovery channel discovery+ hot spots street outlaws trick + mortar

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