Some are military veterans craving the familiar adrenaline rush and brotherhood of combat, who shoulder a sense of unfinished business in the Middle East.

Some are civilians eager to test their mettle while searching for a greater purpose.

All are united in their determination to defend the innocent and end the atrocities being committed by ISIS.

Documentary series Hunting ISIS focuses on the scores of unpaid Western volunteers who have traveled to the region to join the fight against the terrorist group. The six episodes unfold through the eyes of American fighters embedded with the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria, and medics supporting a coalition of local forces in Iraq.

“This is what nightmares are made of,” one of them says in the trailer.

The series is directed by filmmaker and award-winning photographer Sebastiano Tomada, who built his career documenting conflict in some of the world’s most volatile warzones. Hunting ISIS is the culmination of over two years embedded in the trenches in Iraq and Syria, granting visceral, intimate access to the front lines of the war against ISIS and those individuals who give up everything to fight it.

A co-production between History and Viceland, Hunting ISIS premieres May 29 at 10 p.m. on History, and June 3 at 10 p.m. on Viceland.

It’s produced by Delirio Films. John Battsek (Restrepo, Searching for Sugarman) serves as executive producer, along with Rafael Marmor and Christopher Leggett for Delirio Films, Melinda Toporoff for History, and Gena Konstantinakos and Patrick Moses for Vicelance.

A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for the series.

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