Mérida, Mexico-based Don Porfirio created a zoo’s worth of colorful creatures—from a psychedelic disco frog to a sun-bathing weasel, two well-dressed flamingos and a flamboyant capybara—to help the entertainment marketing community celebrate this year’s Promax Latino awards. The Promax Latin America Awards include marketing work made for Latin American audiences while the Promax US Hispanic competition considers work aimed at capturing Hispanic culture in the U.S.

This year, Promax is holding three events in three key markets, bringing the party to the people. The above opened up Thursday’s event at Ball & Chain in Miami, and later this month Promax will hold similar events in Buenos Aires and São Paulo.

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Client: Promax

Agency: Don Porfirio

Creative Director, Founder: Roberto Puig

Tags: don porfirio hot spots promax latino 2019

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