Joel McHale, former host of E!’s The Soup and star of NBC’s Community, returns to E! as host and executive producer of cooking show Celebrity Beef, which focuses more on the beef and less on the cooking.

The show pits two feuding celebrities against each other to see who can cook the best dish, regardless of what they may be dishing about their rival. While the two cook, McHale encourages them to reveal the spicy details of their drama. McHale then acts as prosecutor, judge, jury and chief taster, judging each dish before moving on to the next.

The winner of each challenge gets an advantage before going on to the next – such as exclusive ingredients – while the loser receives a cruel disadvantage, such as being forced to swap out sharp kitchen knives for dull garden tools.

At episode’s end, McHale will help the squabblers end their feud, declare one celebrity the winner and bestow upon him or her $10,000 for their charity of choice.

The above promo, created with an assist from Los Angeles-based Fresh Cut Creative, showcases the new series’ fresh and fun tone and the personal brand of humor that McHale brings to the concept. Below is the show’s key art by Switch Creative.

Celebrity Beef premieres Tuesday, August 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

Switch Creative's key art for E!'s new celebrity cooking show, 'Celebrity Beef.'
Switch Creative’s key art for E!‘s new celebrity cooking show, ‘Celebrity Beef.’


Client: E!

SVP, Creative Bravo/E!/USA/SYFY/Oxygen/UKids: Jeff Blackman

VP, Creative, E!: Yanik Archer

Sr. Creative Director, Creative, E!: Justin Grazioli

Creative Director, Design, E!: Rob Edmond

Sr. Director, Production, E!: Latif Van Lowe

Producer, Creative, E!: Annie Rakel

Art Director, Design, E!: Kevin Mazeski

Sr, Designer, Design, E!: Richard Versales

Designer, Design, E!: Kelin Handville

Agency (Video): Fresh Cut Creative

Agency (Key Art): Switch Creative Group

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