To celebrate International Pride Month, E! Latin America, including Portuguese-speaking Brazil, invited celebrities on to their platforms to express their support and commitment to creating a more inclusive world.

In a series of videos that are playing across E! Platforms all month long, celebrities answered the question “What does LGBT pride mean?” to help raise awareness and promote a more inclusive world.

During each post, people wave pieces of colorful paper. At the end of the month, all of the pieces will come together to form one image that symbolizes the fight for LGBT rights. worldwide.

Viewers can follow the campaign on E! Latin America’s social platforms as follows:

Instagram: @Eonlinelatino

Twitter: @Eonlinelatino



Creative Direction: Túlio Pires Bragança, Rafael Barioni, Damiana Vasconcellos

Creative Producer: Cadu Santos

Producer: João Victor D’Alves

Editing: Robinson Persine

Motion Graphics: Beatriz Bear

Production Company: Mood Hunter

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