How many spells from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts can you name? Don’t worry, this spot from E! promoting the network’s Wizarding World spell-a-thon weekend has got you covered with reminders of such favorites as Expecto Patronum, Ridikkulus and Expelliarmus.

The spot is airing in advance of this weekend, when the network is airing all ten Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films starting Friday at 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT.


Network: E!

SVP, Entertainment Networks Cable Creative & Marketing: Jeffrey Blackman

VP, Creative Marketing: Albert Choi

Senior Creative Director: Michael DeRienzo

Writer/Producer/Editor: Michael Bellino

Graphics Creative Director: Jonah Birns, Stanislave Rapoport

Senior Designer: Richard Versales

Designer: Leona Lee

Senior Project Manager: Lauren Wynter

Project Manager: Victoria Sanchez

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