Just like the show itself, Elastic’s main titles for CBS All Access’ One Dollar follow the path of a single dollar bill to see where its story leads.

In this opening title sequence, the dollar travels from a diner, to a bar, to a club, to a dirty bathroom, to a crime scene before it’s all said and done.

The mystery drama, which stars John Carroll Lynch, Nathaniel Martello-White, Chris Denham, Philip Ettinger, Kirrilee Berger, Gracie Lawrence, Joshua Bitton, Níkẹ Uche Kadri and Hamilton Clancy, premiered Thursday, Aug. 30, on the streaming platform.


Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Director: Lisa Bolan

Art Director: Felix Soletic

Designers: Carlo Sa, Erika Bird

Lead Compositor: Steve Biggert

2D Animators: Trix Taylor, Sam Sparks

Lead 3D Artist: Kris Szumowski

3D Artists: Jose Limon, Yongsub Song, Alex Silver

Editor: Nate Park

Senior Producer: Paul Makowski

Production Coordinator: Megan Rodriguez

Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Head of Production: Kate Berry

Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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