Santa Monica, Calif.-based creative agency Elastic layered all sorts of media to create this opening sequence for Netflix’ latest true-crime story: Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Under the supervision of creative director Lisa Bolan, the open flows slowly through the events of Bundy’s life, during which the serial killer fooled many women with his good looks and affable affect before taking their lives. Bundy was ultimately executed via electric chair in 1989 after confessing to having murdered 30 people and likely more to which he did not confess.

Conversations With A Killer premiered on Netflix on January 24, exactly 30 years after Bundy’s execution.


Client: Netflix

Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Director: Lisa Bolan

Lead Compositor and Animator: Peter Murphy

Designers: June Cho, Heidi Berg, Erika Bird

Copywriter: Kevin Daly

Production Artist: James Hurlbert

Online Editor: Gabe Sanchez

Main Titles Editor: Alyssa Oh

Producer: Kevin Daly

Bidding Producer: Meredith Cherniack

Production Coordinator: Megan Rodriguez

Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Head of Production: Kate Berry

Managing Directors: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Tags: elastic hot spots netflix

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