Atlanta-based creative agency Elevation dressed Nexstar’s new free over-the-air diginet Rewind TV in every color of the rainbow for its new brand identity, unveiled with the network’s launch this month.

“When we were asked to brand Rewind TV for it’s over-the-air launch, we pumped up our Reeboks, teased our hair, and strapped on our Swatches, because we had one month to get this totally tubular network ready for its debut,” said Elevation Executive Producer Stephanie Carson in a statement.

Nexstar spun Rewind TV out of its already existing Antenna TV. While Antenna TV aired classic shows from the 50s to the 90s, Rewind TV airs mostly classic sitcoms from the 80s and 90s, such as Facts of Life, Family Ties, Diff’rent Strokes and more.

Starting with a logo that Nexstar developed internally and that resembles a video game from the era, Elevation delivered a branding package heavy on nostalgia. The deliverables included title cards, lower thirds, promos, and something distinctly not 80s: a social media toolkit.

“We explored 80s and 90s staples, like stickers and neon, but as we delved deeper into the concepts, it was clear that we all had fond memories of iconic VHS packaging,” said Elevation Artistic Director Dianne Frisbee, also in a statement.

The team created three distinct looks that paid homage to VHS designs, as well as a rainbow-hued color palette and retro font set meant to feel both fresh and retro at the same time.

While not a broadcast requirement, the Elevation team created everything to be SD title-safe. “It better highlights the SD source material and makes the design more immersive,” said Carson.

“Our creative concept team is composed of multiple generations of talent,” said Stephen Cocks, Elevation founder and executive creative director. “We let this brain trust put on their metaphorical shoulder pads and let loose to visualize what the 80s/90s meant to each of them personally.”

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