Though perhaps the least flashy of the three presenters at this month’s EMW, Crimson Hexagon might be the most important, at least for those marketers interested in actually gauging the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. That’s because it’s allegedly the only company providing a social media analysis platform to global brands, agencies, media firms and their partners. The company’s patent-pending ForSight Platform “allows media marketers to quickly analyze viewer reaction and opinions about television programming and a host of other brand related topics,” said Melyssa Plunkett-Gomez, Crimson Hexagon’s VP of business development.

“It puts the ability to rapidly discover audience insights from millions of social media conversations squarely in the media marketers’ hands.” Simply put, Crimson Hexagon can uncover not only what people are saying in the social media sphere but why they are saying it, who is saying it, where in the world they are saying it and what time of day they are saying it. Such results could help marketers streamline their efforts and maximize impact like never before.


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