​Everyone in Hollywood—from Kaley Cuoco to Dwayne Johnson, Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks—knows those iconic six notes that mean it’s time for Entertainment Tonight.

Here’s a 15-second cut down of that above spot:

The syndicated access magazine produced and distributed by CBS Television Distribution launches season 39 on Monday, Sept. 9.


Executive Producer: Erin Johnson

Senior Producer: Leslie Kawaguchi

Coordinating Producer: Ben Wallace

Editor: Karlo Gharabegian

Senior Graphic Designer: Erik Photenhauer

Graphic Designer: Adam Hayes

Associate Producer: Rachel Stern

Music Supervisor: Kevin Gershan

Composer: Michael Mark

Music Producer/Arranger: Michael Egizi / Diamond Mine Productions

Horn Arrangement: Dave Eskridge / Tower Of Power

Post-Production Audio: Justin VanLeeuwen

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