Everything is submerged in murky green water in these ultra-creepy main titles for DC Universe’s short-lived Swamp Thing. Production studio Filmograph sunk everything in the piece as a metaphor for the fictional town of Marais, Louisiana, which is crumbling both physically and emotionally as it endures the presence of the aptly-named monster Swamp Thing.


Client: Atomic Monster / DC Universe

Production: Filmograph

Director: Len Wiseman

Creative Director: Aaron Becker

Executive Producer: Seth Kleinberg

Producer: Troy Miller

Lighting/Texturing/Design/Animation: Amador Valenzuela, Takayuki Sato, Grant Hoki, Javier Antonio, Garrido Martin, Craig Stouffer, Tom Green

Modeling: Eric Keller, Jonathan Lin

Special Thanks: James Wan, Michael Clear, Rob Hackett, Tom Flores, Gary Dauberman, Mark Verheiden

Tags: dc universe filmograph hot spots main titles swamp thing

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