Reality TV meets daytime court in CNBC’s new series Money Court, starring Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” Leary as the show’s final arbiter.

The show’s panel of judges—who mediate small and large disputes over money—also includes prosecutor Katie Phang and former judge Ada Pozo.

Shot at Miami’s Telemundo Center in Miami, the camera movement is erratic and in your face as it weaves snap zooms, swish pans and extreme close-ups in with show clips.

Money Court tackles a wide range of financial disputes, from estranged business partners battling over a deal gone sour to spouses squabbling over spending priorities.

Through it all, Mr. Wonderful has the final say – bringing financial justice to all.

Money Court premiered Wednesday, August 11 at 10 p.m. ET on CNBC.


Client: CNBC

Agency: CNBC Creative Services

SVP, Marketing: Tom Clendenin

Global Creative Director: Robert Poulton

VP, Creative Services: Frank Piantini

Director, Creative Services, CNBC Prime: CJ Harris

Writer/Producer: Tara Matthews

VP, Primetime Marketing: Steve Smith

Marketing Director: Nicki Monsees

Editor: Dave Lettieri

Audio: Domenic Barbera

Color Correcting: Omari Tate + Hugh Fitzpatrick

Sr. Art Director: John Rehm

Art Director: Nick Jernigan

Design and Animation: Paul Philipps, Leslie Lillo

Voice Talent: Brian Lee

Shoot Producer, NBCU: Michael Pinho

Production Agency: Trailer Park

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