The launch of EA Sports’ video game Fifa 18 on Friday included a new skill that was revealed in a promo featuring Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo performing it in real life.

The moved, called “El Tornado” involves a seamless drawback, flick and spinning volley that resembles a spin, and has not yet been attempted in a professional football match, according to Campaign.

If professional players are able to do the move on the field, the skill will then become unlocked for their virtual likenesses in the game.

To perform the skill in Fifa 18, gamers hold LB/L1, then flick the right stick up either left or right, depending on which direction they want their player to go.

The promo “More than a Game” from agency Adam & Eve/DDB uses game footage, social media and live action to show how “El Tornado” can be integrated into soccer culture.

In the launch spot, a player in Fifa 18 performs the move for the first time, which sparks a social media storm as the gaming community reviews the new skill. People around the world share their real life attempts—including soccer players Antoine Griezmann and Dele Alli, as well as NBA player James Harden.

Ronaldo performs “El Tornado” for real at Real Madrid’s stadium Santiago Bernabéu, blowing people’s minds in the promo, and inspiring brands such as Adidas and Coca-Cola to develop ad content like billboards to promote it, and hip-hop duo Run the Jewels to create the song “Mean Demeanor” about it.

The ad will run on TV and online globally, with shorter cuts for social media.

“El Tornado” is one of four new tricks launched in the new Fifa 18, which includes more than 50 skills.


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