This year, global entertainment marketing association Promax will crown the winners of the 2020 Europe Awards in Madrid, Spain on 17 March.

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But first, Daily Brief is featuring finalists from categories that rose to the top, including these six spots that are in the running for Funniest Promo:

The UEFA Champions League, Match Premier

When the UEFA Champions League on Match Premier is afoot, it’s impossible to keep quiet.

The Godfather Trilogy, Dmax Spain

Some actors can handle fame. Others—like the well-known cat from The Godfather—prove otherwise.

Classic Seagal, NBCUniversal Networks

Steven Seagal becomes the center of a classic song in this spot for NBC’s Action Weekend.

Only Fools & Horses: The Opera, UKTV Creative

Only Fools & Horses meets classic opera music to promote a weekend-long marathon of the series.

Harry Potter, Ren TV Channel

A famous quote from Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone becomes the center of this spot for Ren TV Channel.

A-Z of Friends on Comedy Central, V Creative

If you can’t think of one reason to love Friends, Comedy Central is here to provide an alphabet’s worth.

Registration for this year’s Promax Europe conference, held from March 16-17 at Teatro Goya in Madrid, Spain, is still open. This year’s speakers include Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, Netflix trailer editor J.D. Funari, web psychologist Nathalie Nahai, and more.

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